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F.I.T. Organizations, LLC was founded in 2004, and is dedicated to enabling organizations and all their stakeholders to succeed by creating functioning partnerships through facilitation, implementation-based consulting and training.  Topics range from strategic planning, problem solving and mediation to office and production area improvements and team building. 


Charles A. Skinner
President and Founder


   Mr. Skinner is an experienced leader, facilitator and organization consultant who founded F.I.T. Organizations, LLC in 2004.  He has consulted nationally and internationally for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations.
   From 1987 to 2004, Mr. Skinner worked as a consultant on Lean management systems and tools for Productivity, Inc., an international consulting and training organization. He worked in Japan and the U.S. with creators of the Toyota Production System, including Dr. Shigeo Shingo.  He has presented at national and regional conferences for Productivity Inc., IEE, AME, Ohio State University, University of Dayton, Northwest Food Processors, and others, earning top ratings.  The New York Times chronicled his work. 
   Prior to 1987, Mr. Skinner had fifteen years experience creating and managing a wide variety of organizations including:  Director and Manager for local and nationwide drug prevention programs; Director of Treatment Services at a facility for people with mental retardation; Wellness Consultant; Director of hospital-based adolescent outpatient treatment program, community organizer and university instructor.  He has developed and conducted training events for adult learners in a variety of businesses, industries, government and social service organizations, colleges and universities.  He has worked on the factory floor.  He managed a union facility.  He has designed and taught courses including Organizational Behavior, and Understanding and Managing Human Behavior.  Three programs he designed and implemented received national recognition.
You can contact Mr. Skinner directly at cskinner@FITorganizations.com




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